Don’t forget to smell the roses

Don’t forget to smell the roses

Roses have an illustrious history – they have been around for at least, according to fossil evidence, 35 million years. Wars have been named after them, countless lovers have been wooed by them and friendships cemented through them. So it makes perfect sense to take time out from your holiday and visit a lesser known gem in Wynberg – Chart Farm. It is on the way (well almost) from Kairos when heading for most destinations in Cape Town.

Chart farm is the quintessence of Cape Town at its best. As you sit on the patio overlooking the stunning Constantia Valley with a backdrop of craggy mountains, you cannot help but relax and feel rejuvenated. “The View” is open from 9am and it is the perfect place to pop in for breakfast, lunch or tea. It is wheel chair friendly too.

The staff are delightful, the food is delicious and the service is excellent. We frequent it as locals and have had many precious moments sipping tea and the odd beer with friends and loved ones. Most recently we popped in for lunch and Ian ordered apple pie for his main and citrus cheesecake for his dessert much to the amusement of the manager and our friends but it does bear testimony to their delicious puddings and cakes!

Afterwards there is nothing more relaxing  than wandering through the rose garden. Chart farm is the only place in the peninsular where you can pick your own roses and there is something really satisfying about choosing your own perfect bloom with the most extraordinary fragrance. Even if you don’t want to pick, it is well worth a saunter. Modern roses often don’t have any scent so it is really refreshing to find roses that still make your senses leap with joy. There are an amazing array and varieties, many of which are named after famous South Africans. It’s a wonderful thing to do as a family – old and young. One of my most favourite and special moments is when my gorgeous daughter, Sam and I head for the hill and while a way an hour or 2 in total bliss.

Simple pleasures – rare treasures. Take a moment to smell the roses. You will be glad you did!

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