Marvellous “Mesembs and friends”

Marvellous “Mesembs and friends”

Looking at the blaze of colour provided by succulents in the Karoo Gardens at Worcester it is hard to imagine that thick snow capped the surrounding peaks just a few weeks ago!

On the back of the drought, which thankfully has broken this winter, succulents are the new thing for Cape Town gardeners. All of us, it seems are freshly exploring “waterwise”. Mesembryanthemums, which have recently been reclassified, are known locally as “Vygies” are likely to grow in popularity.

Summer has come with a flourish bringing with it a spectacular show of colour. For many, the blooming of Namaqualand is the major floral event, but there are many opportunities closer to Cape Town. Day trips from Kairos in spring and early summer can be very rewarding for those who love nature. It is a photographer’s paradise.

The Worcester-Robertson area can be stunningly beautiful, and offers a range of vineyards where one can find an equally pleasing lunch with a glass of excellent, locally produced wine! Or if you want to stay nearer to Kairos, the Kirstenbosch Garden never disappoints in early summer.

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