Seal Adventures on and around Duiker Island, Hout Bay

Seal Adventures on and around Duiker Island, Hout Bay

Seals, unsurprisingly, like being out of reach of Great White Sharks. They find Duiker Island, close the infamous Dungeons Big Wave Surf Site, is a perfect place to go to relax and sometimes watch the Orcas go by too!

Situated immediately offshore of the Sentinel, at the entrance to Hout Bay, Duiker Island is a small exposure of Cape Granite. Sometimes, during the winter months waves sweep right across the rocky surface, making staying on the island quite a challenge.

But on calm summer days it is the perfect place to hop out and catch some sun. Even elephant seals sometimes come to visit from the Southern Ocean.

For the adventurous, check out this opportunity to go seal snorkelling from Hout Bay with Animal Ocean. A look at the pictures on their website leaves no doubt that it is sure to provide you with some epic photo opportunities and an altogether memorable experience!

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