Winter: Photographer’s Paradise at Kairos Lodge

Winter: Photographer’s Paradise at Kairos Lodge

When we set-about developing the Kairos garden we wanted to bring nature in. As a result we have distinct seasons in the year when a variety of visitors come to see us.

Winter from June through into early August is one of Ian’s favourite times. It is our sunbird season, and if you are a keen photographer or birder you will appreciate that one of the special pleasures in life is to sit and watch the sunbirds having fun in the winter sun!

The winter palette in our Kairos garden is splashed with vibrant hues of yellow, orange and red and the air is filled with the shrill calls of sunbirds and Cape White-eyes (Zosterops pallidus). The garden is especially lively after rain, when water droplets adorn the petals of the bell-shaped flowers of the Pig’s Ear succulents (Cotyledon orbiculata L.), which abound in the garden.

This year for the first time an African Black Sunbird (Nectarinia amethystina) visited the aloes – an exciting new visitor! We also had many Greater- and Lesser-Doublecollared Sunbirds (Nectarinia sp.) in the Wild Daggas (Leonotis leonurus) and the Cape Honeysuckles (Tecomaria capensis) along with our other frequent visitor the Malachite Sunbird.

Patterns of Pleasure: Kairos Spring

This year it feels as though spring sprang rather early – possibly because of the lack of rain!
And with spring, the proteas not only add a splash of new and vibrant colour but also delight the eye with an array of beautiful patterns.

Ian is always fascinated by patterns – I think it is the geologist in him! Every year he seems to find ways to get closer and closer with his macro lens as he seeks out new patterns in what he calls “his small world”.

Our love of all things “fynbos” started when Ali began to write children’s books about Monty the Mongoose, who lives nearby in Kirstenbosch Garden. It is still one of our favourite places and we often visit for one of their delicious cheese cakes for afternoon tea!